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Press Release - RM Alderton Designs Ltd - shaping the future


We Have Moved!

Chichester, West Sussex , UK - 1st January 2016

Another New Year and now a New Office!

We, at RM Alderton Designs, have moved office over the Christmas break. We didn’t go very far as we have moved directly opposite to a bigger place, Unit 11. This means our address is exactly the same other than the number. We do, however, have a new phone number so please make a note of it.


We wish all our customers a very Happy and prosperous New Year!


We’d like to thank all existing customers and look forward to meeting new clients in the future and continue to trade for many more years to come. Based in Chichester in West Sussex, RM Alderton Designs is a plastic product and mould design specialist and the staff have been involved in the plastics packaging sector for more than 30 years. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the company so please give us a try!


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